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Tour White Birch Village at 8695 Village Ln, Boulder Junction, WI

Thursday, September 8, 2022   /   by Julie Winter-Paez

Tour White Birch Village at 8695 Village Ln, Boulder Junction, WI

Welcome to White Birch Village Resort up in beautiful Plum Lake, Wisconsin by Boulder Junction. This property is being offered for the first time since the 1990s. This has been family owned and operated since then and it has been meticulously maintained. If you're looking for a unique setting on pristine waterways, you need to look at this property. We're nestled on 450 ft of frontage on White Birch Lake, which is part of the Irving Ballard chain. We have over a thousand acres of recreation. Because it's been so meticulously maintained the next owner will be able to come in and just run it, love it, there's nothing you have to do here. And another great thing about this property is that it's 90% repeat business. They even have waiting lists in the summer months. So come and take a tour of this great property with us and we will show you why if you're looking for a unique property for your family or for a business, you have to look at White Birch Village Resort. 

This family's tradition started in 1992, but White Birch Resort actually opened its doors for the first time in the 1920s. This is an excellent location with pristine water in the heart of National Forest Lands. The water is pure, clean and like nothing else you'll find in the Northwoods anywhere. Every cabin has its own unique space and every cabin is in excellent condition and ready for occupancy. The lodge offers a huge gathering space or perfect main home with three additional units and truly some of the best views I have ever seen in my life. The slope to the water is gentle and the grounds, including your own private beach, leave nothing on your must have list simply because this property has it all. So for those of you who remember coming here as a kid to Aqua Land. And one of the things that the sellers and I have talked about, is what the next caretaker of this unique property could do. A lot of space here to move around and a lot of infrastructures already in place that could make this the perfect glamping or yurt destination for the next caretaker of this property.  

John Altschwager who has been one of the caretakers of this fantastic resort for the last 17 years shares a little bit about some of the great unique features of this property.

“We have 100 people, a little over 100 people here right now enjoying the vacation. The property is laid out so that you really have privacy and it creates an environment of quietness and a kind of serenity. And there are always families here all summer long, but this is generally what it's like. It's just very peaceful, very quiet. Now there aren't water sports going on today because of the cold weather, but generally yesterday the lake was active and you could hear the families out there and so on and so forth. But as you move back away from the lake shore, it's just always very quiet and peaceful. We are a chain of three lakes, spring fed. The furthest lake feeds towards us so that we have the outlet, it's about 1000 acres of water, 400 to 500, and then just over 100 acres here. What's unique about our system is that when it leaves here, it drains through the creek, across the road over to the Aqua land property and into a flowage. It creates a very unique environment for everybody to enjoy. Well, if we start with the big picture of the chain, 80% of the lake frontage on the chain is state forest, which is really spectacular in this day and age. On our lake, we have two neighbors and that's all. So it creates a very quiet environment again, there will never be any more construction, no more development. It's all state owned and you can literally step out your door here and go for a hike and you're on state land. There was a lake study done and finished up three years ago. And the lake, they did everything you could possibly imagine about researching the lake, the lake water quality, chemical habitat, everything you'd want to know about a lake. The core sampling indicated lake hasn't changed in 250years, which means we have very good neighbors who take care of our chain in our waters. Everything I've done here is to help prevent any kind of runoff to protect the land and landscape in the lake. We've had a lot of folks coming for a lot of years. We have about a 90% return rate on our clientele. I think it's a place that is made for making memories. I know that term is used a lot these days, and we've been using that for 40 years where memories are made, but it is in fact, true. We've had families grow up here, engagements here, we've seen third and fourth generations here. It's become a pretty special place to a lot of people.”

So we've just given you a ton of reasons why you need to check out this fantastic property for yourself. And although a picture tells a thousand words, you really need to get here and get your boots on the ground so you can see this fantastic property for yourself. So again, whether you're looking for a private retreat for your family and friends or a great business that you can take over and expand on, this could be the right property for you. Give us a call and see why White Birch Village in Plum Lake, Wisconsin is the place for you to call home. 

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