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Why Choose A Real Estate Team For Your Up North, WI, Home Search?

Thursday, October 27, 2022   /   by Julie Winter-Paez

Why Choose A Real Estate Team For Your Up North, WI, Home Search?

Hey, it's me Julie. I just wanted to reach out today I just met with a future client, a potential seller. And you know, sometimes you sit down with somebody and they just get you and what you're trying to build and that was this gentleman. He recently had gone through brain surgery out of state and was telling me about the team of surgeons and staff who took care of him during the experience. He said, phenomenal. He said there was a person that did everything and everybody on the team had their own specific job. He said they took such good care of me that almost on occasion, it was annoying because they were so meticulous about everything that they did and so conscious of making sure that I felt good that I felt taken care of and that I was in a good state of mind. 

And that is why I built a team. That has been my goal since the day I brought on my first administrative assistant. Everything we do is to try and create an environment for our sellers or our buyers, where they feel so taken care of. We don't want them to feel annoyed but we do want them to feel heard and appreciated. And we want to make sure that every question is answered before they actually ask the question.

So if you're looking for that service, whether you're a buyer or a seller for like the brain surgery of real estate, give us a call. We would love to see how we are different from everybody else in the northwest. 

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