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Watch Out For Scams! If you're doing home renovation or upkeep make sure you're covered!

Thursday, July 27, 2023   /   by Julie Winter-Paez

Watch Out For Scams! If you're doing home renovation or upkeep make sure you're covered!

Three ways to protect yourself if you're looking to have some work done at your property, or whether it's your vacation home, your primary residence, whatever it is. Or more importantly, three things to talk to your elderly parents about if you aren't living in their community and they're looking to have some work done at the house. 

1. When they're talking with a contractor, make sure that contractor is licensed and you see the license, you get proof and verification. 

2. Make sure there's an estimate for payment. Never ever pay anybody upfront for any job that needs to be done. There should be a payment schedule before it starts, maybe midway through, and not until it's finished.

3. You give them that final check with a lien waiver. 

So the three things you should be getting if you're doing any work on your property, especially if you have parents that don't live in your community and they're out of area, make sure they slow down. They make sure that those three things are satisfied and hearing a lot more about scamming of the elderly, especially when family members aren't in the neighborhood. So please make sure your loved ones are protected, share this video and let them know or just have a talk with them about those three things proof of license, estimate of how payment is going to happen, and a lien waiver upon final payment. 

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