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Tour Cloverland, Wisconsin! A Hidden Gem In Northern WI!

Thursday, June 30, 2022   /   by Julie Winter-Paez

Tour Cloverland, Wisconsin! A Hidden Gem In Northern WI!

Join Julie Winter-Paez on a tour of this hidden gem in Northern Wisconsin, Cloverland, WI! This great community offers all of the fantastic vacation scenery and lakes of the North with the amenities of a larger city not far away! If you're looking for vacation real estate, investment properties or a new home for your family, this is an awesome area to take a look at!

Now the interesting thing about the Northwoods is like, Cloverland is a township so it's not a city. So you're going to have a lot of properties that are located in the town of Cloverland but will still have an Eagle River mailing address. The Town of Cloverland has approximately 1800 property owners and we have about 40 miles of roads in this community that sits halfway between St. Germain and Eagle River. One of the great point of interest in the township is Oldenburg Park. This is a great property that was donated as a sports recreational area for Eagle River, Vilas County, Northern Pine School District, and all the surrounding areas. And out here is where our kids play soccer. They play baseball, there are batting cages, and outdoor concessions every Saturday all summer long. This place is packed with kids and families alike. So this is a great place in the heart of Cloverland which runs Highway G, Highway 70 and it's like a perfect square but it contains a lot of great stuff, recreation, lakes, you name it the township of Cloverland has it. We talked about 40 square miles, a ton of great lakes still surrounded by Vilas County forest land, national forest land, all surrounding this area and it really creates a beautiful setting. You are about right down Highway G, maybe five to ten minutes from Northern Pine School, ten to twelve minutes to town depending on where you are in the township of Cloverland. This is really served well from Highway G, Highway 70, east and west sort of bordering St. Germain on the west side and Eagle River on the east side and Conover on the north side. Great Lakes, you've got Sunset Lake, you've got Muskellunge Lake and Snipe Lake. There are a lot of fantastic lakes snuck into the township of Cloverland and of course, your mailing address would be Eagle River. 

One of my favorite streets and drives for real estate is the Musky Road, which travels from Highway G down to Highway 70. It has lakes on both sides of the road. It's a very kind of winding and perky road filled with lush green and honestly springtime. This is my favorite green of the year. Everything is like you've got Muskellunge Lake on one side, Sunset Lake on the other side, Snipe lake and just a lot of great bodies of water. And as you take this winding road down towards highway 70, you really get a feel for driving in the Northwood. It's a town maintained road. So again your town is going to maintain these roads. So in the wintertime, the town plows them and takes care of them and salts them and does all that good stuff. It's just a really beautiful spot. And again you're going to see a lot of great real estate because you're going to have a lot of waterfront. You will find some off-water properties as well. But if you do that, those are just going to be again surrounded by boat landings every couple of miles depending on which lake you want to get on. So really again, a beautiful stretch of real estate. 

Snipe Lake is a really good boat landing in Northern Wisconsin. We have lakes that are public and we have lakes that are private. This is a public lake so anybody can access this boat landing to put in your boat for day of fishing, day of recreation, and tubing. Snipe lake is about 200 to 300 acres in size. Back your boat and off you go for a day of fishing. And you spend the day here, tubing, water skiing, and fishing. One of the things, when we get in Cloverland, is the southern border of this township is actually the Eagle River chain. Snipe lake is a really good example of a non chain lake and the clarity of the water. Again, something that you learn a little bit about when you're in the Northwoods, is the tannins of a river/chain versus a spring fed lake, where the water tends to have a little bit more clarity. That doesn't mean that the chain water is dirty. Just means that the leaves and the coloring of the water itself are going to be a little darker, which some buyers don't like and some people love. This is a great little area, a sitting area for picnicking, grilling out, sitting by the lake, and spending the day by the waterfront. Put your boat in, pull it up, have a picnic with the family, this great little Snipe Lake sort of recreation area so that if you're here and you want to spend the day on the water. 

If you check the map of the township of Cloverland in Vilas County, you can see it's almost a perfect square. The southern border is pretty much highway 70, highway G, which we were driving on, runs through it. So again, right in between Eagle River and St. Germain. North of you is going to be Conover, south of you it's going to be Three Lakes. So it's really centrally located. It has a town hall which is where you would vote as a local resident, but otherwise, you would be serviced by Eagle River or St. Germain for grocery stores, Eagle River and Minocqua for hospitals, and again centrally located. There are a lot of lakes, if you can see you've got Snipe Lake, Muskellunge Lake, Sunset Lake, Nelson Lake, and the Wisconsin River which you can see across the bottom funneling into Watersmeet Lake, which is technically the start of the Eagle River 28 lake chain. And then to the north you've also got a couple of great lakes, you've got Dads Lake and Pickerel Lake up there. So you've really got a lot of wonderful bodies of water in this neck of the woods as well. Not a lot of real estate comes for sale here because it is such a dense lake and forest area but when it does it usually goes pretty darn quickly. Just a couple of other great little points to note is that the boat landing we were on was probably right about in here but as you can see there are multiple landings in the area and really just a really fantastic little location. 

Just a couple of other little stats about the township of Cloverland. It is 35.2 square miles per capita which is pretty amazing and it has about 31.4 square miles of it is land and 10.8% is water which is pretty awesome. The population in Cloverland is 1,069. There are 35 people per square mile. The median age is 52.3 and the number of people per household is 2.1. Again the population grows immensely in the summertime because of the lakes. A lot of second homes in the stack of the woods as well. And talking a little bit about the median price since pre-Covid, the average price sold in the township of Cloverland so we would be going back to 2018 is about $211,555. And the average selling price in the last twelve months $379,000. So just a little data about the township of Cloverland in Northern Wisconsin. And again what's the township? What does that mean? Where is this located? Give us a call, we'd love to help assist you up in the beautiful Northwoods. Follow us and learn more about living in Northern Wisconsin.

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