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Thinking of vacationing or buying real estate in Northern WI? Take a tour of Conover, WI!

Thursday, August 4, 2022   /   by Julie Winter-Paez

Thinking of vacationing or buying real estate in Northern WI? Take a tour of Conover, WI!

Conover, Wisconsin is a fantastic community in Northern Wisconsin. A great choice for a fantastic Northwoods vacation or new home! Join Julie on a quick tour of the local highlights!

The township of Conover is nestled 9 miles below the Michigan border and 9 miles above Eagle River, really nicely centrally located. On the highway 45 line heading north from the Michigan up straight down to Green Bay, Appleton. So Conover is a very nice town, with lots of huge community support. They do a ton of their own events throughout the year. Conover town park has a lot of good stuff. You've got some really nice basketball courts, some public restrooms they're drilled well is right there. You've got their baseball diamonds. You can see the sign right that says Conover Town Park. A couple of nice pavilions and you've also got the Pioneer Creek Recreation Center. Conover Snow Buddies also functions from outside of the Conover town park and Conover Snow Buddies is their snowmobile club which is hugely active up here in Conover. And then up there behind me this in the wintertime becomes a fantastic sledding and ski hill, on Saturdays and Sundays you'll see a ton of kids out here at the snow park taking their sleds up and down the hill. It's a really great way to exhaust small children, I highly recommend it. And then of course they also have a pickleball court here. Ton of community events, fireman's, picnic and everything here. This is a really great place and I thought this would be a really great starting point for this area. This is right off of the main drive right on Highway 45 in Conover which I think is where I'm going to take you next so that you can kind of see the little downtown area, the post office and the whole nine yards.

Just to tell you a little bit more about Conover. So Conover sort of is positioned like a perfect little square with a little notch which I call like north twin. Conover is about 80sq mi of which about 73sq mi is land and the remaining is all water. But you have some really fantastic lakes up here, you've got the North and South Twin area; you've got Stormy Lake, you've got Pioneer Lake. You've got the Pioneer Creek, you've got the Buckatabon, which are awesome lakes. But another great thing, 87 square miles in size, 80 sq mi of land and 7.2 sq. mi of water. Really Conover was started around 1907, it was broken off of Eagle River and it was started by somebody named Seth H. Conover who was actually from Plymouth, Wisconsin. He was a cheese buyer, he moved up here and finally settled as Conover and they broke it off from Eagle River in the early 1900s. Huge amount of forests, national forest, land, lakes, rivers, streams, 600,000 acres of forests, 1200 lakes, 1,100 miles of trout streams and hundreds of miles of cross country ski trails, hiking trails, biking trails and snowmobile trails. But again, that is the total blend of Vilas County. 

This is great stop for recreation, people like Conover because you're a little north of Eagle River so if you're a snowmobiler you get out of the main drag and the main hub of passing north, south and east and west. Conover is a little far enough north so that you can just hit the ski tails and go north if you want to. And you can avoid a little bit of the trail system in downtown Eagle River which can get really well used. You've got a couple of great restaurants on highway 45, right in the heart of Conover that are great little breakfast, lunch, and dinner stops. You've got Highway K that runs east and west from Phelps all the way over to St. Germain and Boulder Junction area. Highway S skirts straight up north to Land O Lake which is also a beautiful drive. Again, the great hub of activity, Conover also has snowmobile trails. They have their own ATV UTV Club or they're part of the main club of Vilas County. They have biking and hiking trails that connect, so you can go from the Land O Lakes and Boulder Junction area all the way down to Eagle River. You've got equestrian trails, they have their own Vilas County trails which are well maintained riding lands solely for equestrians. You've got hunting, obviously we talked about biking and hiking. You have ski trails north and east of you here but you also have the little snow trail and then of course huge amounts of ATV and UTV. You’re closest probably to the Eagle River Hospital down the Eagle River but you can also scoot over to the Minocqua or Rhinelander area as well if necessary. 

Lower Buckatabon Lake connects to Upper Buckatabon Lake for about close to1000 acres of water fountains. Enjoy outdoor playing here's a little back day on the lake. Couple of little creeks and streams come together here. The restaurant sits behind, you can see the Canopies through there. In the wintertime a lot of times this will be open water because wherever water continues to flow it doesn't freeze over as it will out there on the main lake. A lot of times in the wintertime you'll see people trying to stick their snowmobiles across the open water which is always an exciting adventure. You can see how beautiful and crystal clear some of the water is on these lakes up here in the northwest. Wiggle your toes, sand, you can see all the way to the bottom. There's the little dam named Bowers Dam, it's gorgeous. You've got a lot of great restaurants up here for snowmobile accessible ATV, UTV accessible by car obviously like myself and just a lot of great real estate up here. It tends to be when you get on some of the private lakes a little more frontage, a little more room to move. 

If you look at the map of Conover so you can take a peek at exactly what I was talking about in the video. A lot of great lakes in Conover, the Bowers Dam on Lower Buckatabon Lake. There's North and South Twin Lake which are over 1000 acres of fantastic waterfront and fishing. The Stormy lake, fantastic lake and crystal clear blue water. You've got the Tamarack Flowage, Hart and Deer Lake up here. You've got the twins, Pioneer and Pine Island just down here. And then you've got the Buckatabons and Hunter Lake over here. A lot of great little torch lake. The public beach is a beautiful place to go to the beach. I have a lot of friends who like to go there. You've got your Pan fishing pier. There are a lot of great things and great trails in the town of Conover that you can explore. Again you've got your main bike trail that runs north and south, your snowmobile ATV, and UTV trails.

Just a really great spot right in the heart of everything and we call it Conover. So please reach out, let us know if we can help in any way. And if you're looking to look at property or relocate to Conover Wisconsin, just give us a call.

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