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Thinking of Moving to Wisconsin? Check out some info on Lincoln, Washington and Cloverland Townships

Monday, May 1, 2023   /   by Julie Winter-Paez

Thinking of Moving to Wisconsin? Check out some info on Lincoln, Washington and Cloverland Townships

I am coming to you today to talk about the township of Washington and the township of Cloverland in amazing northern Wisconsin and Eagle River. We've done all the separate townships of Vilas county and the last two that I need to do are Washington and Cloverland but they are actually the ones that are secretly tucked right around the city of Eagle River. So they have the same zip code, so they're going to be 54521 just like it would be if you moved into the city of Eagle River, but they are the townships that surround the city. So it can be very confusing for some buyers when we market properties, for example, in those areas, we always have to put the city of Eagle River even though it's located in the town of Washington, or the town of Cloverland. That would be more of USPS postal information. But it gets confusing sometimes to the public because they don't understand where's the town of Washington in Vilas County, Wisconsin. Well, your mailing address would actually be Eagle River but you have the benefit of lower property taxes and you don't have to pay for city sewer or water because you're in one of the townships that surround the city.

The township of Washington was established technically in 1914 after it's detached from the town of Eagle River, which is now the city of Eagle River, and it's historically known for forestry lands. It was basically all forest County at one time several Native American settlements of the Chippewa fans were sustained here by the forest, the game and the fish as well as the abundant concentration of lakes in this area. It is 47.5 square miles, of which 41 square miles is land and 6 square miles of it as water. Some chains of lakes are part of the township of Washington and then you've also got some really great standalone lakes such as Anvil, Bass, Carpenter, you've got a couple of really great lakes in the township of Washington. Population is about 1,587. And basically, you're fed by the main highway and this is highway 70. So this area is still part of the Northern Pine School District. You also have as far as healthcare, you have your Eagle River Hospital also again, you also have access to the Rhinelander Hospital which is about 30 minutes away. Same thing for the Minocqua Hospital for those major things that we do have an emergency walk in center where you didn't see in the city of Eagle River. The township of Washington has a 38 people per square mile population density. Another couple of things to note in this area is again, highway 70, your main vein for transportation, but you also are about three miles, just east appears the Eagle River airport so that would be your main closest airport. But again, we also have Rhinelander which is about 30 minutes away if you want to catch a Delta hub over to Minnesota. And then you also have the CWA airport which is an hour and a half south which is also another major hub that can get you over to Minneapolis or down to up to Detroit for main travel if you're doing that in the Northwoods. major things as well. The other great thing to know here's our pre and post COVID selling price, so you could buy a house in the township of Washington on average for about just under 300,000 3 years ago. Today, the average home price in the township of Washington is 431,000.

The township of Cloverland is still the same Eagle River mailing address 54521. Population of Cloverland is 1069 people, the population density is 35 people per square mile, aka population density. And again, in this particular area, you've also got a ton of stunning great lakes. You've got Snipe, Pickerel, Muskellunge, Boot, Sunset and Nelson. Not part of the chain, but some really great stand alone lakes. So usually when a home comes for sale in Cloverland that usually goes pretty quickly. Again still fed by the North Pine School District. And it's just a really great spot as well with some fantastic lakes and completely surrounded by a lot of national forest lands as well. 

The township of Lincoln is basically the area that completely surrounds the city of Eagle River, Washington. Great neck of the woods just a little intel about the township of Lincoln so again, May 12, 1914 it was started and it was detached from the town of Eagle River. So that's when became its own separate Township. It's actually has a total area of 37.2 square miles of which 32 square miles is land and 4.6 square miles is water. Interesting thing about the town of Lincoln is that the population density is much higher than it is in Washington or Cloverland, 80 peaple per square mile which is the population density. So again, you have the benefit of lower property taxes because you're not in the city of Eagle River so you don't have sewer and water. So that's one of the benefits of not being in the city is those lower property taxes on less amenities, but lower overall taxes. You're still serve by North Pine School. You're still in the Eagle River Union airport, which is actually in the town of Lincoln. Outdoor points of interest. People love this area again because of the true natural resources that we have in the Northwoods in general. Town of Lincoln have some great lakes Cat fish, Eagle, Otter, Lynx, Duck, all of those chain lakes are part of the township of Lincoln, Yellow birch, Dollar lake which is not on the chain but it is 107 acre lake just outside of town is a great lake. It's actually normally where the pond hockey tournament is held every year, and then you've got Spring Lake which is also a really great little standalone 207 acre lake. Your amenities are all going to be pretty much the city of Eagle River. You were to have a huge amount of national forest land, you've got Elmer’s fun park as part of the Lincoln Parkway adventure Eagle falls adventure. The Eagle River golf courses in city of Eagle River, as well as the zipline adventure tour. So a lot of great amenities for the area in which we live here a couple of other interesting things so the average price per home in the township of Lincoln, before COVID was roughly around 250,000. Post COVID is about 372,000. So prices have gone up in this area as well. 

So that's just some new information about the greater Eagle River area. In comprising the city, the township of Cloverland and then Washington and Lincoln which all sort of make up the 54521 zip code. If you have any questions or are interested in learning more information about the greater Northwoods in general, I would love to help answer them for you. So subscribe to all my videos are a little bit about Northern Wisconsin. Again, my name is Julie Winter-Paez and I help people just like you move in and move out of the Northwoods.

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