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The Best Wisconsin Realtor! What is a Buyer's Agent?

Tuesday, September 5, 2023   /   by Julie Winter-Paez

The Best Wisconsin Realtor! What is a Buyer's Agent?

What is the true job of a buyer's agent? What is their role with you? And in my opinion, the role of a true buyer's agent has always been to guide and direct you. To give you all the information and facts you need to make a good decision not to make the decisions for you not to push you, but to simply direct you and give you the facts you need to make a decision and I think a huge part of that is providing and showing value. What are the odds of buying this property again, how many of these have sold in the last two years? What is the likelihood of this property coming on the market again, and I think that's really where who you work with can matter immensely. We can't tell you how to spend your money but we can tell you what we think the odds are of something coming along like a particular property.

And it really feels like that is what separates the good from the best and separates the average from the exceptional and I think if you're not working with somebody who's able to give you that kind of information, you need to be looking at potentially finding yourself a different person to do that for you in your life. I know we just listed something amazing. There's only been one other property on the chain in the last two years that is sold similarly to it. So the opportunity in supporting some potential buyers is huge. And that's something that those buyers should know and understand. And that's the buyer's agent's job to explain it to them. 

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