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Take a Tour of Three Lakes, Wisconsin with Julie Winter Paez!

Tuesday, September 6, 2022   /   by Julie Winter-Paez

Take a Tour of Three Lakes, Wisconsin with Julie Winter Paez!

Three Lakes, WI is an awesome town with everything you need for your family's new home, vacation spot or just a quick visit! Check out some of the local highlights and history of this Northern Wisconsin destination with Julie Winter Paez!

This is Julie Paez and Alicia Del Ponte on my team, one of my buyer's agent who is a hometown Three Lakes girl. So today we are in the good old town of Three Lakes, Wisconsin. We're sitting in what used to be the Oneida Village Inn, which is now a fantastic great little area where they do food trucks, parks, and little events. They have a Ferris wheel here the last time I drove through town. And they also have an ice rink in the winter, Village Skate. Three Lakes is right south of Eagle River, we're going to be just north of Stella and Peel. To the east of us is going to be Forest County and to the north of us is going to be Vilas County. And to the west of us is going to be the township of Sugar Camp. So Kraft American Cheese decided to select Three Lakes that was nominated as the best small town in America. It was probably about six or seven years ago. They blocked off all of downtown, brought in all of the cheese to make all of the grilled cheese sandwiches, and we also had a live band. So lovely, lovely little fact. The best small town in America. We're going to read you a little bit more about the history of Three Lakes. So Three Lakes was originally logging in Forest Street. The Chicago and Northwestern Railroad went right through town and went all the way north up in Eagle River and further north for the forestry logging community. Three Lakes was named after the three lakes which are just surrounding the immediate parts of town, town line, Range Line and Maple Lake. Formerly became a town in 1881. Then we do also have actually the building to our left is one of the oldest buildings in town, the Dots Building, the General Market Post office, and a big hob for the town of Three Lakes. 

Driving down the main drag we can see the Three Lakes Cranberry Winery. You've got your hardware shop, your rental shop, your law office. More recently we've seen the bakery, the coffee shop, the post office and we have the Historical Society. This is the main downtown Black Forest Supper Club and the Three Lake Center for the Arts, where not only do they do movies, but they also have a lot of live events and featured artisans in the area. But really it's a very charming town. I think our population is about 2500, but in the summertime, we get the population up to about 7500 because of all the people that stay here as summer residents. A very big second home community nestled up here, lots of lakes. It's just really a beautiful, rich area to live in. So if you live anywhere around here and you want to go play for the day, this is a great place to go. 

Maple Lake is a great public landing, the public park in downtown Three Lakes. So you've got this great beautiful sandy area, beautiful water lake, public so that if you wanted to spend the day on the water. And again, this is one of the three lakes that Three Lakes was initially on Maple Lake here. One of the things I love is that when you look at the Northwoods, the average density is so small compared to any other place. And we are 27 people per mile in population density in Three Lakes. And remember, in the summertime when the population goes up to 7500 instead of 2500, it might be a little bit less, but still it's not bad. So the Township of Three Lakes actually covers quite a large area. So it covers 99.9 sq mi. Of that 99.9 sq. mi you have 81.5 which are land and then 18.4 which is actually water. Meaning we've got the largest inland chain of lakes in the world. 20 of those 28 lakes from the Three Lakes Eagle River chain reside on the Three Lakes side, which gives you a lot of opportunities and a lot of fun things to do. There's nothing like being on the 28 Lake chain in the summertime, having fun, going out to dinner, going out to lunch and breakfast. 

In the Don Burnside Park just outside of town. The trailhead of the Three Eagle Trail goes from there all the way up to Eagle River by the Dairy Queen is the end, which is the perfect trail to any 8.5 mile bicycle ride. At the start of the Three Eagle Trail, you've got great little kids play area. You can also see some tennis courts, a little pavilion,  you've got basketball courts and pickleball courts. So it's a great area, they do host 4th July. They have a day party with vendors and a craft show and then they do the 4th July fireworks. They have a golf driving range, if you want to come and just hit your balls, you got to go pick them up after you're done. They also have a little equestrian ring and then they host annually just started a few years back, The Junker Sled races are a lot of fun. Get your Junker sled sign up and then they do a little snow oval track for everybody to enjoy. We've also got a huge amount of baseball diamonds here. Another great thing about this area is the trail systems that are built into the Northwoods and Three Lakes is obviously no exception. You have got 40 miles off of the Nicolet Wheel-A-Way. You've got the Sam Campbell Trail and you've got the Bailey Lake Equestrian Trail. So you've got hiking, biking and horsetrails throughout the area intensely. So again, this is why people love and come to the Northwoods they want to have things to do outside in the fresh air. 

If you're looking for more intel on living or relocating to up north Wisconsin, specifically the Township of Three Lakes, I would love to help guide you through the process. Or one of my buyer's agents, Alicia, being particularly knowledgeable about Three Lakes as well. And again, love to see you soon up here. And if you're looking for a retreat in northern Wisconsin and you're really looking for somebody to help guide you through the process, we at the JWP Group would love to. Here's the last interesting note I'm going to tell you. I like to give a pre-covid average price and a post-covid average price. And right now, the pre-covid average price in Three Lakes was $272,000, and the post-covid is $430,000. So prices have gone up in Three Lake, but there's still a lot of room to explore and move around. So give us a call and help us guide you into the Northwoods. 

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