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Take A Tour of Land O' Lakes, Wisconsin!

Monday, July 25, 2022   /   by Julie Winter-Paez

Take A Tour of Land O' Lakes, Wisconsin!

Join Julie on a quick tour of Land O' Lakes, Wisconsin. A great Wisconsin destination to vacation or live!

Land O' Lakes is long and lean. And it's beautiful, it takes up the whole northern ridge. The Town is bounded by the Towns of Winchester and Presque Isle to the west, State of Michigan to the north, Town of Phelps to the east, and the Towns of Plum Lake and Conover to the south. So it's really long about 95 square miles township in the northernmost part of Vilas County in Northern Wisconsin. And it is about 83 square miles is land and about 13 square miles is water. The Land O' Lakes, Wisconsin has some fantastic lakes, where I decided to start this video out is I'm on Black Oak Lake. This is about a 545 acre lake which is a stunning 85ft deep. It is long been on the top ten clarity and pristine lakes in Northern Wisconsin. This is a fantastic lake. And it's the whole of the conservative school, which is a semester school, I believe, for juniors in high school where you can come up here and learn about conservation management. But this is a great spot. But again, this is Northern Tier, Vilas County. It runs east and west, it's long and narrow and it's the home of some great national forest lands and some great activities.

Land O' Lakes has bike trails all over up here, which causes a huge amount of traffic because people love to use our infrastructure for the bike trail system. You've also got huge snowmobiling. So just this little bit north of like Eagle River, Three Lakes, you really get into what people like to call the snow belt. And once you get over to Winchester, it even gets snowier a little bit closer to the snowbell. But the trail conditions just from Land to Lakes to Eagle River can make a huge difference. There's the Dairy Maid, one of my favorite spots in the summertime. In Land O' Lakes downtown, you've got the tackle box, you've got Starbucks. We just passed the post office. We're going to see on our left is the Land O’ Lakes Art center LOLA as it's known, a lot of art classes, things like that happen here. Brand new grocery store, I think two years ago, I believe that just opened up, which was huge for Land O' Lakes. Gives you a nice little hometown grocery store. You're going to see your local real estate companies, your downtown, your historical society, and more furnishings. 

Land O' Lakes has its own golf course and they have their own airport up here which is called Land O' Lakes Airport. There's also one, I think a little bit on the south side, but it's smaller. And believe it or not, this airport does about 8000 flights come and go per year. I can tell you the majority of them are probably in the summertime from Memorial Day to Cranberry fest weekend. But they've got their own airport up here, which is fantastic. I've picked up many clients here at the Land of Lake Airport to give them a tour of the Northwoods. Another couple of things about this unique little township in Northern Wisconsin is 11 people per square mile is the capita. So when you think about that and there's 433 households in the township of Land O' Lakes. So you've got 95 acres of which, 83 were land, 13% were water. So in that 83 of land, 433 households live with an 11 people per capita average. So what does that tell us? If you want peace and quiet and privacy, room to move and access to a lot of fantastic lakes, Land O' Lakes could be a great opportunity for you. You funnel up from highway 45 right up on Eagle River. North, you can also come up 51 and scoot over or right up to Boulder Junction. Right up to Highway B and you can run into Land O' Lakes and just bought any area. They also have their own clinic and spirit center. They have their own elementary school. And of course, we talked about serving schools already and they are part of the North of Pines School District. So kids would go to school back down in Eagle River when they got to high school but they have their own elementary school up here in Land O' Lakes. It's really quiet a beautiful area, beautiful setting and there are some fantastic lakes. You've got a lot of great hangers, privately owned hangers out here for people who live up here. They bring in their own plane land right here, Land O' Lakes, and they can come up for a long weekend to enjoy themselves. Really great spot. Also, this is a landing point for ATV and UTV trails as well. I just saw a couple of them scooting out. You can also get from here north to Bond Falls. You've got the Sylvania forest, which is 18,000 acres of land for hiking and biking and all of that good stuff. 

Land O’ Lakes is a very long and narrow township. A lot of great things here, as I pointed out earlier, you've got an airport, you've got the Aspirus Medical Center here, brand new grocery store. As you come out on Highway B and head in this direction, you can get over to 51 to go straight south to Minocqua and Chicago area. This would be highway 45 straight south to the Eagle River sort of central Wisconsin area. So you kind of have a couple of veins heading up both sides of this particular township. A couple of other great things here, you've got the nine hole golf course in Land O' Lakes. You have the Frosty Snowmobile club and you've got ATV and UTV trailheads. From here you've got the Sylvania National Forest Land, which is up here. I've got a couple of things opened over here so you can take a look at it. Here's the Sylvania Wilderness, 18,000 acres of hiking and biking trails. This all around is the indication of the hiking and biking trails. You've got your biking and hiking map guide up here. You have bike trails this coast take from land to lake, 22 miles all the way through Conover down into Eagle River. Hoping you can see that pretty clearly there. And then you also have this great app that I use all the time called Map It, which shows you all of the UTV and ATV trails, if you can see that in Northern Wisconsin. So Land O' Lakes is going to be over here because this should be highway 45. So these are all the major trails that come and go from this area. Again, it's being a little bit farther north. There are snowmobile trails, and things do pretty well because they're a little bit closer to the snow belt. There's a few more things to also point out. Over here you've got some fantastic lakes. We already talked about Black Oak Lake, which is in this region. Up here, you're going to run into Big Lake and part of the Cisco Lake, which is all part of the Cisco chain, which goes right up into Michigan's Upper Peninsula, which is 15 lake chain, which is also very pristine unpopulated compared to some of the other chains in Northern Wisconsin. But two of those lakes actually touch down into Wisconsin. So you can be on the Wisconsin side of the Cisco chain. You've got Forest Lake, which has a fantastic reputation. You've got Palmer Lake up here, High Lake over here as we get down into Boulder Junction, just some other fantastic lakes. You also have tons of Ottawa National Forest land in this area. And of course, with your easy access to Michigan, you can get up into the Sylvania Wreck area as well as the Paul Light and Northern Waters Museum is in that area as well.

So again, if you wanted to be part of that Land O' Lakes community, which has huge access and a huge amount of infrastructure, again, we would love to talk with you further about it. And if we can help you in any way in Northern Wisconsin, just give us a call at the JWP Group. We would love to have help.

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