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One Thing That You Can Count On In Up North WI's Shifting Real Estate Market Is Experience!

Monday, August 29, 2022   /   by Julie Winter-Paez

One Thing That You Can Count On In Up North WI's Shifting Real Estate Market Is Experience!

In a constantly changing real estate market, you need to be sure you're working with a realtor who's experienced the shifts before! 

We all know the market is shifting and changing. I was reading an article in the news and I was chuckling. I heard a stat that said, do you know that 91% of the agents currently working in this market have never been through a real estate market where there were longer than 45 days on market. Which I found really hard to believe on a small scale. But then on a bigger scale, Inman had a great news article about Compass Real Estate. The company that was new about eight years ago, they were heavy hitting and recruiting agents from other brokerage firms all over the country. Offering the million dollar signing bonuses, stock in the company, all of this stuff, because they were really trying to heavily recruit agents away from where they currently were. Interestingly, they posted in Inman that Compass has halted all signing bonuses, halting all stock shares. Splits are going to have to change. They're going to have to pair back some of their offerings because the market is shifting. So that was just a really fun reminder to me that not only have many real estate professionals not been through a shifting market but so have a lot of these big tech companies that just hopped into real estate in the last ten years. They have never been through a market like this or what we might be experiencing in the next couple of years. 

So just a good reminder, it's not always on a small scale sometimes it's on a large scale. So remember, if you're looking to sell or buy, working with somebody that's been through a market like this before matters. Experience matters. And when a lot of people are going to start to retract their services because the market is shifting, brokers like myself and my business partner, we don't retract. We dive in because we understand how to market, sell and make your property stand out in a shifting market. So holler, if we can help guide you through the process, we love the opportunity. Have a great day and hopefully see you soon in the Northwood. 

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